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Favorites Bleed (2016)

Bleed (2016)
Year, country:
Tripp Rhame
Chelsey Crisp, Riley Smith, Michael Steger
1h 22min
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The film “Circle” is a new horror film that you can enjoy watching on the Kinogou website online.

The story of a young family, Matt and Sarah. Their life was far from ideal, and they decided to change it. For this they move to a small town, having bought a posh and huge house there. It is in it that they want to start a new life. The spouses are very happy, and besides they are waiting for the much-desired child, which is why all their thoughts are occupied solely by the unborn baby, and the desire to arrange the nursery as best as possible. They settle down in a new house, and soon decide to call a few of their friends for a housewarming party. To spoil the mood of the main characters could not do anything. And even a strange local who warned Sarah that this place was dangerous for their family. The couple considered him just an unhealthy person.

Friends communicate, drink and have fun, and the new life of young people begins very well and peacefully. But at the party one of the girls notices a ghost, which he tells the others about.

The guys decide not to leave this situation to chance. Therefore, wanting to figure out what's going on, they go to an abandoned prison, where many years ago a terrible fire claimed many lives. As it turned out, they did it in vain, because there were waiting for them a lot of evil ghosts who dream of only one thing, to kill the uninvited guests. Young people are scared and do not know what to do. In the meantime, it turns out that the locals are strange and dangerous too. For some reason, they needed Sarah's unborn child. And here the guys understand that they just can’t get out of this crazy town.

Whether young people will be able to escape, or ghosts and locals will overcome them, look in good quality absolutely free in the exciting horror film “The Circle”.

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