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Colonia (2016) HD
Colonia (2016)
Year, country:
Florian Gallenberger
Emma Watson, Daniel Brühl, Michael Nyqvist
1h 46min
Full movie drama, adventure, romance, history Colonia (2016) online in ffilms.club
The events of the historical film, which was filmed simultaneously on three different continents, transfer us to 1973 and tell about the ordeals that befell a young couple in love, by the will of fate found themselves in Chile at the time when a military coup occurred in the country. The heroes of the film “Colonia Dignidad” came here from Germany. The girl works as a stewardess, and her beloved Daniel works in a small German edition as a journalist. The activities of the hero becomes the reason for his arrest. After that, a man spends several days in the dungeons of the secret police, where he is being tortured in every possible way, trying to get a confession in collaboration with the rebels. Daniel is not guilty of anything, but the police do not consider this a reason for his release. The hero is transported to a small German colony, which shepherd Paul Schaefer calls his charitable mission, created to help ordinary people. But in fact, this settlement will give odds to the concentration camps of the Second World War. To save her lover, Lena goes to see a shepherd. She tells Paul that she has long wanted to become a nun, because helping people is the highest good. In fact, the heroine wants only one thing - to save Daniel. She gets a place in the settlement, but still does not know that there is no way back from here ...
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