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Home (2016) HD
Home (2016)
Year, country:
Frank Lin
Heather Langenkamp, Samantha Mumba, Kerry Knuppe
1h 27min
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After Kevin served time in a juvenile detention facility, he moved to a house in his aunt who decided to help the boy adapt to a new life. Despite the difficult and complex nature of Kevin, the relative agreed to help her seventeen-year-old nephew by giving him a home and a job, intending to train the guy in the plumbing craft.

The protagonist of the film "The House" is attached to ordinary life, so different from the one that reigned in the colony. The boy pretty quickly joins the family circle, making friends with his cousin named Sammy, while conquering the heart of his girlfriend. But, one day, the young man meets John, he learns that his new friend has a difficult situation that has developed in his own house. Kevin and John from another world, despite the apparent well-being, they are deprived of much that is present in other families, so the guys begin to alienate from other people, experiencing negative feelings that are about to turn into violence. The situation begins to heat up more and more.

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