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Favorites The Offering (2016)

The Offering (2016) SD
The Offering (2016)
Year, country:
Kelvin Tong
Daeng Amer Omar, Darius Tan, Colin Borgonon
1h 35min
Full movie drama, horror, mystery The Offering (2016) online free in ffilms.club

The heroine of the horror movie "The Offering" - energetic reporter Jamie Waters - receives terrible news. Her older sister, who lived for a long time in Singapore, dies in a mansion of her ex-husband under mysterious circumstances. The policemen who discovered the body are confident that the unfortunate woman committed suicide, but Jamie does not believe their conclusions. She is not convinced by the death record left by her deceased sister, and the annoying reporter begins to find out for herself the truth.

In a sad investigation of the girl helps former son-in-law Sam Harris, hard going through the tragedy. They learn that the number of mysterious suicides has increased suspiciously - an unknown force causes distraught victims to kill themselves by recording death on video. The frightening guess seems incredible - people are killed by the evil demonic entity who has visited our world. The appearance of the monster warned the ancient books and Jesuit priests, cast out the devil. Now Sam and Jamie must stop the mystical stranger who is called to complete the infernal mission.

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