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The Follower (2016)
Year, country:
Damián Romay
Erika Christensen, Val Lauren, Bethany Lauren James
1h 29min
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The main character of the dramatic film "The Persecutor" is a young and pretty beautiful woman named Chelsea. She is a popular singer who has a huge number of fans all over the world, including Evelyn King, a somewhat strange woman with whom Chelsea flew on a plane. During this voyage, an unforeseen catastrophe occurred, and the plane crashed. It was only Chelsea and Evelyn who managed to survive.
Now they were alone among the vast forests. Women are trying to get out of this difficult state, rather, the path to salvation is looking for Chelsea, and Evelyn just walks with the singer she adores. After all, for her this is an amazing opportunity to be alone with her idol. However, soon Chelsea will understand: Evelyn is not such a naive and stupid woman as it seems at first glance. No, she had something in mind, she has some cunning plan, which she slowly but surely carries out. Chelsea is trying to escape from Evelyn, but it's not so simple. Our heroine is in mortal danger - will she be able to demonstrate her character and survive?
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