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Favorites Love at First Glance (2017)

Love at First Glance (2017) HD
Love at First Glance (2017)
Year, country:
Kevin Connor
Amy Smart, Adrian Grenier, Jonathan Bennett
1h 20min
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Cute and cheerful blonde Mary Lenders works in one of the major publishing houses. Unfortunately, the girl does not receive interesting topics for her work. Boss Mr. Ollie uses a young journalist only to get acquainted with various famous people. Marie should negotiate with him about extensive interviews, which then come to take her more famous colleagues. The most significant thing that Lender was able to write about the Chipmunk invasion into Central Park, after which all squirrels deteriorated.

As explained in the film Love at First Sight, Marie went to meet with entrepreneur Jack Kreiman. Lenders has certain plans that she will be given to write an article about this man. In the evening, the girl had a meeting with Karl. This is her young man, who for five years cannot make a journalist an offer to marry him. Because of this, they had a final breakup at dinner. Upset Marie was driving home by subway. Nice young man forgot his smartphone in the car. The girl decided to return it to the specified number in the gadget. So on Valentine's Day, she had a meeting with the charming and interesting James Fielding.

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