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Favorites Generation Iron 2 (2017)

Generation Iron 2 (2017)
Year, country:
Vlad Yudin
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kai Greene, Martyn Ford
1h 46min
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For some people, bodybuilding is an outlet and a favorite hobby, for others a complex profession that requires maximum return. Some consider it a promising sport, while others consider it a potential business. There is no absolute truth and everyone is right in their own way, because modern athletes reach unprecedented heights not only through intense training. Undoubtedly, working with “iron” is an integral part, the basis and basis for the future bodybuilder, it is impossible to achieve success without it with all the desire, however, muscle mass is built up not only through exercise. Athletes who are aimed at really good results often turn to the use of a variety of drugs and nutritional supplements.

And when it comes to true professionals in their field, it must be admitted: many of them brought doping to the point of absurdity, being so keen on constant progress, records and improving indicators that questions of aesthetics of appearance or their own health became secondary. Each of the experienced athletes admired by the whole world boasts impeccable willpower. The number of barriers that they have overcome and the interests that have been neglected are infinitely large.