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Favorites One of Us (2017)

One of Us (2017)
Year, country:
Blake Reigle
Christa B. Allen, Carly Schroeder, Chasty Ballesteros,
1h 26min
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Adam Elliot and Grace Douglas - a happy couple who had just returned from a romantic trip and right there they were in for misfortune. Some unknown maniac in the mountains of Scotland killed the newlyweds, which was the most real tragedy for two families. Both families all their conscious life were friends with each other and lived side by side, like the most dear people. But after what happened, both sides are starting to change dramatically, because everything will not be the same as before. Each of the family members falls into insanity, only a few of them try to cope with emotions and eclipsed mind, but even this did not always work for them. Now fake evidence is constantly beginning to appear, families will learn about the sins and punctures of other relatives in the past. This whole situation leads only to one logical ending - the real war between families, because each of the parties believes that the fault lies with the others.

Unfortunately, they can no longer be called friends, especially one of a big and friendly family. Such an alignment of events makes people see what is not really, invent facts and evidence, adjust events and so on. What will turn this situation for each family member?

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