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Favorites Party Boat (2017)

Party Boat (2017) SD
Party Boat (2017)
Year, country:
Dylan Kidd
Brett Davern, Katie Leclerc, Sung Kang
1h 29min
Full movie comedy Party Boat (2017) online in ffilms.club
Three friends are friends since the time of training in junior classes. Max is a cheerful guy, very sociable, adoring noisy companies and entertainment events. He regularly organizes parties, where the carefree youth is entertained. He arranges breathtaking parties, which are very popular among those who want to come off as they should. He is secretly in love with Kylie from adolescence, but can not muster the courage to open his feelings. A young man often conducts entertainment that attracts a lot of people. To give pleasure to the girl and to communicate with her in an informal atmosphere. Modern music, mass games, a large number of spirits allow you to relax and forget about troubles. The organizer of such meetings always does not lack attention, only not from the one who sympathizes with.
The problem is that Kylie loves the other, Greg answers her in return. They have a long, serious relationship, which will certainly end in a wedding. The girl could not even think that Max had been attracted to her for a long time, experiencing more than friendly feelings. Soon her twenty-five-year birthday is scheduled. The boy in love intends to arrange an unforgettable, festive party on a luxury yacht, in the middle of the sea. During a terrific event, he plans to admit the subject of sighing in a long-standing sense. On the eve he learns that Greg is going to take advantage of a convenient, solemn moment, inviting the beloved to become his wife. Max falls into a rage, makes a firm decision by any means to prevent a friend from turning a party into an engagement, proving his sincere love to a girl she has been dreaming of for a long time.
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