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Favorites Breakdown Lane (2017)

Breakdown Lane (2017)
Year, country:
Bob Schultz, Robert Conway
Whitney Moore, Kevin Tye, Clint James
1h 16min
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Fragile blonde behind the wheel of a heavy SUV looks good. She rushes to her beloved, so goes non-stop to him. Not surprisingly, the police recommended her to rest.
If your car broke down while you were sleeping, the tow truck did not arrive in two days, and the present coming of the zombies is going on around, then there is only one choice - to push your car to the nearest car service, where there is at least someone alive. Because in the car you can hide and there is an interlocutor - the dispatcher from the service center. They barricaded themselves and held on, giving hope of survival to those like her. This is how she landed on the side of the road, and then - bang! and the apocalypse. But we must move on - no one will help Max except her.

The world in the movie "Emergency Stop" went crazy - zombies, preying on the living; live, hunting zombies, as prey, that would later eat each other. And how do they differ from one another? Well, there is someone to talk to - Max continues to cheer her on. There are survivors who help, but more often freaked out from this nightmare, making a zombie hunt. Human vices come out here. And she has a goal - to save Max and his friends. And move on for the road.
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