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Favorites The Sex Addict (2017)

The Sex Addict (2017)
Year, country:
Amir Mo
Amir Mo, Ken Davitian, Horatio Sanz
1h 36min
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 A young graduate student really wants to be a psychologist, it remains only to write a thesis. She has already chosen the topic, found the operator, looked after the object - go ahead! So, the topic of the thesis: "Horny People," the object is one familiar guy who is completely obsessed with it, a period of 10 days. For ten days they will accompany the guy everywhere, and he will walk around his familiar girls, various “specialists” from a psychologist to a former prostitute, and now a politician, with his problem of sexual concern. And even to interview the interlocutor.

The hero of the documentary “The Sex Addict” is a handsome young man of eastern appearance, he puts everything to please his sexual desires. Curious cases that occur with the hero, sometimes lead to disastrous results. After being kicked out from everywhere (from the parental home, from the rented apartment, from work), the poor fellow moves to a graduate student. She has the opportunity to get to know him closer, to support and take care of him. She becomes much more than just a curious observer.

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