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Favorites The Gaelic King (2017)

The Gaelic King (2017) HD
The Gaelic King (2017)
Year, country:
Philip Todd
Jake McGarry, Shona Melrose, Kerry Browne
1h 27min
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The ninth century of our era. It was then that the events of the motion picture "The King of Gaelic" took place. In the territory of Scotland there is a continuous bloody war between the gels and the cruel fir. The country is completely ravaged. The Gaelic monarch Eochide with difficulty retains his power. The firs are numerous and unusually cohesive. Finally, they managed to break the last resistance of the gels and kill almost all members of the royal family.

Only the heir to the throne Allin and his younger brother Finn managed to escape. They settled in the dense forests and swore revenge on their enemies. The brothers are confident that they are able to regain the throne. So it took a long ten years. Allin and Finn matured and decided to return to their homeland. On the way they were attacked by people from the society "Warriors of the Shadow". Finn was in their captivity. Allina needs to postpone her thoughts about returning to the throne, and try to save her brother. It turned out that in the forest where the mysterious society dwells, an ancient mystical Evil has settled. Allin realized that defeating him is extremely difficult and he needs to find allies for this.

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