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Favorites Like Cats & Dogs (2017)

Like Cats & Dogs (2017)
Year, country:
Ron Oliver
Cassidy Gifford, Wyatt Nash, Gwynyth Walsh
1h 24min
Full movie comedy, romance Like Cats & Dogs (2017) online free in ffilms.club

The main characters of the comedy "Like a cat with a dog" are big fans of four-legged friends. That's just, their pets - irreconcilable enemies. The girl breeds dogs, considering them to be wonderful and faithful helpers, and the boy doesn’t like souls in cats, which, in his opinion, dogs don't hold a candle. The canine and feline family has already expanded to such an extent that the question of finding a new home has become quite acute. The owners, at the same time, contact the real estate agency. Inattentive realtors make a monstrous mistake, and the owners of antagonist animals fall under the same roof. There is no limit to their indignation. A couple, along with their pets, growls, hisses and is ready at any moment to pounce on unwelcome neighbors. The company apologizes and asks to be patient for a while until a new version is turned up. Every day irreconcilable companies are full of incidents, adventures and endless skirmishes. But, after a while, the guy with the girl realize that they are beginning to feed each other, by no means, not hostile feelings.