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Favorites The Covenant. (2017)

The Covenant. (2017)
Year, country:
Robert Conway
Monica Engesser, Owen Conway, Clint James,
1h 30min
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The film “Deal” tells how sometimes human desires can go far and their outcome may not always be predictable. The main character has always dreamed of achieving fame and becoming a famous person who would be recognized on the streets. She was always attracted by the luxurious life and she believed that it was necessary to live the allotted time for the benefit of herself and always sought to do so. Recently, however, everything has changed radically. The girl grew up and realized that she would never succeed in realizing her desires and she needed to find another way to help her achieve everything. Without stopping to watch the movie “Deal” online, it will be curious to find out that with the help of Internet networks the young person finds a way to conclude a serious contract that can fulfill her desire. Intrigued by the written character, she decides to experiment and accomplish everything that is written on one of the social networking pages. However, she does not even assume that her every word will soon be fulfilled, and she herself will have to make a serious deal after that.