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Favorites Forgotten Evil (2017)

Forgotten Evil (2017)
Year, country:
Anthony C. Ferrante
Masiela Lusha, Kyle McKeever, Angie Teodora Dick
1h 30min
Full movie drama, thriller Forgotten Evil (2017) online in FilmsCLUB.org
People saw a plastic bag in the floating water. When he was caught, there was still a live girl. The unfortunate woman was quickly taken to the hospital and provided all the help she needed. It turned out that the girl does not remember anything about what is happening with her before. Who and why threw her into the river she does not know. Moreover, she does not even remember her real name. As explained in the movie “Forgotten Evil”, it was time to write her out of the clinic. One of the young nurses, the kindhearted Mariah, took the girl to her room. She needs a new neighbor in housing.

Mariah treats psychotherapist Evanna Michaels with the girl. They give her the name Jane and arrange to work as a secretary in one of the schools. The girl does not like the name Jane. She saw another in one of the brochures and decided to take it for herself. Now the girl is introduced as Rene. However, she still cannot remember anything about herself from the past. Michaels is ready to resort to hypnosis. Rene goes to him so that he has the appropriate session. Frightening pictures of the past make a terrible impression on her. She does not even want to believe that this was happening to her once. But Jane-Rene still has a lot to learn.
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