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Favorites Joe's War (2017)

Joe's War (2017) HD
Joe's War (2017)
Year, country:
Phil Falcone
Michael Markiewicz, Armand Assante, Tom Sizemore
1h 47min
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War is ruthless and implacable: if it does not kill and does not cripple physically, then it is psychologically capable of breaking even the "ideal soldiers." They suffer nightmares and cannot adapt to a peaceful existence, find their place in life.

The terrible and cruel pictures of the recently experienced in the conditions of hostilities too vividly and vividly emerge in their memory in order to simply dismiss them and start everything “from scratch”.

Such internal discomfort, uncertainty and tension become for Sergeant Jo, who has recently returned from the service, so severe and serious test that he is forced to seek help from specialists.

How reversible are his psychological problems and will Joe be able to finally get rid of them? What is the risk of post-traumatic syndrome for yesterday's soldier and the people who surround him?

“Joe's War” - a real drama of a fearless and courageous warrior, who turned out to be completely helpless in the conditions of ordinary life, will unfold before your eyes while watching this movie.