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Favorites Girls' Night Out (2017)

Girls' Night Out (2017)
Year, country:
Philippe Gagnon
Mackenzie Mauzy, Jacob Blair, Hannah Emily Anderson
1h 24min
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McKenzie from the movie "Bachelorette" in the past had everything from parties while studying to a pursuer named Brandon. The guy raped her and managed to win the case in court, having remained unpunished. Therefore, the heroine is only happy to leave the past behind and focus on the present.
Now McKenzie is preparing for the wedding with care and on all sides by a positive Rice. He does not know how to lie, and the girl feels close to the groom in complete safety. In ffilms.club you can watch Girls' Night Out (2017) online in HD and full movie.
But something Rees still kept. McKenzie's friends from the university found him on social networks and asked to help with the organization of the hen party. For a whole month, Rice hid the details of the upcoming event from his beloved, and then made a surprise. Joell, Rebecca and Sadie planned every little thing, wanting to entertain a longtime friend. But their holiday becomes a magnet for Brandon, who still considers McKenzie his property. The offender kidnaps Rhys through the stolen phone of the bride and begins a dangerous game with her. What is the meaning of his undertaking and what will be the consequences?
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