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Favorites The Perfect Bride (2017)

The Perfect Bride (2017) HD
The Perfect Bride (2017)
Year, country:
Martin Wood
Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith, Leanne Lapp
1h 24min
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Molly seems to know everything about weddings. At one time, she worked at a marriage agency, where she helped brides and grooms prepare for future cohabitation. Dozens of couples recall this charming blonde with gratitude. Only, as told in the movie “The Perfect Bride”, she has complete calm in her personal life. And in the near future no prospects are foreseen.

Molly is currently working as a fitness trainer. Once Molly was invited to hold another wedding. Among the guests she met a pretty photographer Nick. The man also worked here and he had to take photos of the celebration. Very quickly, Molly and Nick found a common language. Soon a romantic relationship arose between them. It only turned out that Nick was engaged to a long time with another woman who goes to Molly's fitness group.

The woman does not know what to do, because she really likes Nick. At this point, Molly realizes that happiness can only be done with your own hands. Nick has obligations to his bride, but he can't do it without Molly. Together they need to take a decisive step to meet each other.