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Favorites Valley of the Sasquatch (2017)

Valley of the Sasquatch (2017) SD
Valley of the Sasquatch (2017)
Year, country:
John Portanova
Bill Oberst Jr., Jason Vail, David Saucedo,
1h 32min
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What it is to be on the street when you do not have a cozy and warm corner? Our heroes have gone through sad events. Dad and son were left without shelter. In connection with this, the film heroes from the film "The Valley of the Bigfoot" had to go to the forest thicket and live in a small house. New housing does not promise the former comfortable conditions, but it is the best option of all available. The young boy doesn’t like it at all far from the city, which is not surprising.

The previous disagreements in family relationships have not disappeared anywhere, but rather intensified due to the current situation. The father wants to teach his own child life in difficult conditions, but such a father's idea does not give the teenager any share of pleasure. Another situation that has heated up the relationship between the characters was a group of fatherly friends who came to the forest to hunt.

About this forest go many legends and rumors about the creatures that inhabit it. The hunters did not know what they were going to meet. The owners of forest lands are snow people. Their people have been living here for a long time. When the tribe of forest dwellers felt the danger was approaching, they immediately reacted. The owners of the forests are aggressive, because the uninvited guests disturbed the many years of peace of the noble place. Will the key characters survive in an unequal fight with an unexpected opponent?