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Favorites B.C. Butcher (2017)

B.C. Butcher (2017)
Year, country:
Kansas Bowling
Kadeem Hardison, Kato Kaelin, Leilani Fideler

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Times BC is truly a real-time survival game. The living conditions are harshly Spartan, and it is at this time that the film takes place. On one of the islands firmly settled tribe, consisting exclusively of women. Like real feminists, the local Amazons fight for power within their own small commune and use men exclusively as tools for their daily needs.

At the helm of all processes in the Amazon tribe becomes the most fearless and courageous woman - Neandra. She will not stop at nothing, and is ready to break any applicant for her place, and in the truest sense of the word.

Needless to say that her man is her personal thing, and it is dangerous to touch him not only for his social position, but also for his life. Therefore, the emboldened tribeswoman paid for her thieving hands with her own life. The body of an unworthy fellow tribe unceremoniously thrown into the forest, where it is even more terrible monster.

But the beast will not harm the body, on the contrary, it is ready to leave the cozy hole in order to punish the merciless valkyries and instill in them a drop of respect and compassion for each other.