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Favorites Halfway (2017)

Halfway (2017)
Year, country:
Ben Caird
Amy Pietz, Jeffrey DeMunn, Quinton Aaron
1h 44 min
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The film "Halfway" tells about the newly released prisoner Brian. He was released ahead of schedule for good behavior. Now the most difficult thing is to start a new life without crime, quiet and calm.
Bryan decided to settle in a small town, where mostly people are engaged in farming. The guy is the only black man in the city. Life on the farm is not for everyone, especially living with strangers. Brian does not know how to do household chores, but he has a huge desire. The main job of a guy is to feed and watch for cows and their calves. For him, this is all a novelty and he is afraid to be useless. When he got a little settled, his past reminds of himself. Returning to the farm, he misses the right turn and meets former friends on his way. On the phone comes the message that he can find a deal. But if he agrees to this, then most likely again zagremit behind bars. Will he be able to forget his former life and begin again, or fail and take up the old?