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Favorites Part-Time Spy (2017)

Part-Time Spy (2017)
Year, country:
Deok-Soo Kim
Jo Chang-Geun, Hyeon-bae Dong, Chae-Ah Han
1h 57min
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Chang Yong-sil (Gang Ye-Won) has just received a position in a new job at the NSA (National Security Agency). The girl is contracted to write positive-praise for the NSA online. On Chon Ah (Han Chae Ah) is an extraordinary detective agency who often likes bad language.

Once, a new boss, Chang Yong-Syl, stole money from an account using one of the social-engineering fraud methods of Vishing. Therefore, Chang Yong Sil and Na Jong An are forced to unite to carry out a special mission: the unauthorized introduction of a scheme to return the boss's money. And what came out of this, we find out by watching the movie.

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