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Favorites Grey Lady (2017)

Grey Lady (2017)
Year, country:
John Shea
Eric Dane, Natalie Zea, Amy Madigan
1h 47min
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A Boston police officer arrives on one of the islands to conduct his own investigation into the murder of his partner. The man passed away a couple of months ago, and the law enforcement agencies have not been able to get on the trail of the criminal. The officer could no longer wait for the killer of his comrade to be found, so he decided to sort it all out for himself. Being an experienced detective, he quickly finds a few leads and learns about the killer a lot of different facts that greatly surprise him. However, he does not even suspect what he will encounter. The only thing that a policeman wants is to find the partner’s killer and punish him to the fullest extent of the law, only it turns out to be incredibly difficult to put down a puzzle ...