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Favorites Empire of the Sharks (2017)

Empire of the Sharks (2017)
Year, country:
Mark Atkins
John Savage, Jack Amstrong, Thandi Sebe
86 min
Alternative reality. The world, which is 80% covered with water. Life on the water ceased to exist, at least on its surface. Sharks have bred to such an extent that they pose a real threat at every corner. Throughout the world, special units are created that constantly patrol the coastlines. Among the brave men was a popular military leader, who over the years of practice began to control an entire army of bloodthirsty assassins. Every day he engaged in unusual hunting and exterminated his enemies. Once, he caught a really big fish. The daughter of the leader of the "pack" wandered into the cage. This prompted predators to attempt penetration into the human den - all unsuccessfully. Evolution made itself felt, and in some sharks, a sharp surge of adrenaline to an incredible level aroused certain feelings. Unexplained abilities help individuals to get out of the cage and prepare for a retaliatory move. A man does not suspect what his loved ones were subjected to. Watch free movie action, horror, sci-fi Empire of the Sharks (2017) online in ffilms.club.
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