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Barbecue (2017) SD
Barbecue (2017)
Year, country:
Matthew Salleh
Lwazi Dlaminilf, Rufo 'Junny' Servado, Katsunori Yashima
1h 42min
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Comedy film by Eric Lavan about how the French know how to relax. The film "Barbecue" was based on a real story on the weekend, and the director himself took part in it. The romantic adventures of the French ladies' lovers are known throughout the world. But do you know how the French are able to relax on weekends, collecting noisy companies of friends, neighbors in the cozy areas of their homes in the suburbs of Paris, Lyon. Marcel, Toulon, Montpellier or Dijon ...
The main character of the comedy Antoine just celebrated his fiftieth birthday. And in the midst of a noisy festival in the best restaurant in Grenoble, his heart suddenly and abruptly ached. A week after the infarction, Antoine leaves the clinic and, shaking off the doctor's instructions, decides to change his life. He always followed himself well, but this caution brought him a heart attack. Time to change! Shake is what Antoine needs, and he calls on bbq bosom friends. No restrictions in eating, drinking and cute pranks. Antoine is burning with a desire to catch up and try life without limits ...