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Favorites The Fast And The Fierce (2017)

The Fast And The Fierce (2017)
Year, country:
Ron Thornton
Adrian Paul, Dominique Swain, Moose Ali Khan
1h 26min
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A young couple Benji and Donna recently got married. Soon they should spend the most long-awaited vacation in their lives together. Literally on the eve of departure, Benji had some problems in the service. He is a talented creator of the latest computer software. As described in the movie “Fast and the Furious”, some unplanned disruptions in the programs started and the management asked the guy to stay for a while. The enraged Donna decided to fly to Los Angeles for a few days in retaliation.

While the girl was getting on the plane, she constantly argued with her young husband, who at that time was in a cafe. Finally, the girl sat down in the chair and the airliner took off. At the cafe, a stranger approached Benji and handed him a note. The message was written - the guy needs to give some people the code of the secret subprogram in which he participated. Otherwise, the plane with Donna will explode. In the air, the stewardess received a similar letter. It contained some details. An airliner will not be able to land, as an explosive device will operate below a height of 250 meters. There is very little time, because there is not much fuel left and something needs to be done.