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Favorites Highway to Hell (1991)

Highway to Hell (1991) SD
Highway to Hell (1991)
Year, country:
Ate de Jong
Patrick Bergin, Adam Storke, Chad Lowe
1h 34min
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Merry story about how, inopportunely, falling asleep at the wheel, it is quite possible to get absolutely not where he was going. Such a nuisance occurred with a young man named Charlie, who was driving on a night highway and suddenly met with some terrible creature in police uniform, who looked extremely sinister and aggressive, and besides, he took Charlie away from the bride and drove off with her in an unknown direction. The wise old man, the owner of a nearby roadside motel “Last Chance”, explains to the shocked boy the essence of his problem - it turns out that somewhere on the road there is an invisible entrance to another dimension, into a strange and gloomy world, in the center of which is the Devil’s abode - Hellish city.

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