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Favorites Talon Falls (2017)

Talon Falls (2017)
Year, country:
Joshua Shreve
Brad Bell, Jordyn Rudolph, Ryan Rudolph
1h 15min
The story of this film begins with a story about four curious enough teenagers, who sometimes can not sit still and just watch what is happening in the world. They must necessarily be its active participants and only in this case it is possible to immerse oneself in various stories, realize their essence and try to become part of an incredible society that one day will help them survive in the difficult real world. Now the guys during their trip to the train decide not to look for easy ways and go to the ghostly temple of Halloween on the way. According to their beliefs, only there you can enjoy the many bloody and scary things that once happened in today's society.

There they meet with many tortures and diseases and do not attach much importance to everything, because they are sure that this is just a game that is being done to attract such tourists as they are. But, what if all this is in fact and the guys understand the terrible truth only after one of them finds itself in the hands of sinister characters in a mysterious place who do not want to work for the public and give them pleasure? The adventure unexpectedly ends for each member of the group and begins a harsh real life. Stream best Full movie 2017 Talon Falls online free in ffilms.club
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