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Favorites Shortwave (2016)

Shortwave (2016)
Year, country:
Ryan Gregory Phillips
Cristobal Tapia Montt, Katie Carthen, Kyle Davis
1h 25min
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The Harrises, Isabelle and George, were very happy. When a little girl appeared in the family, every day the holiday turned for them. Then suddenly trouble came to their house. As told in the film "Short Wave" baby disappeared. The result of the investigation does not give any results. Detectives are sure that they stole her and, probably, killed her for some reason.

Harris were terribly depressed. In order to gain at least some meaning in life, they move to a new home. George is a radio wave decoding scientist. In this house he has his own modern laboratory. To him comes a friend and colleague, Thomas. They are engaged in scientific activities for a long time. Men managed to catch the signal. George and Thomas are almost certain that he came from a sensible civilization from space. However, they soon realize that it has some other meaning. These short waves come apparently from the so-called other world.

Morally weakened Isabel begins to see some strange hallucinations, in which regularly appear unpleasant dark figures. George is sure that his wife reacts to the grief that has befallen her. However, reality is truly nightmarish.

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