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Favorites Kingdom of Us (2017)

Kingdom of Us (2017)
Year, country:
Lucy Cohen
Jamie-Jodie Shanks, Kacie-Kimie Shanks, Lorie-Lanie Shanks
1h 49min
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Nature has endowed man with the ability to develop unique opportunities granted from birth. But not every individual is able to recognize them and direct all forces to their development and improvement. Each individual has a certain degree of psychological stability and emotional balance, but sometimes these boundaries are erased under the influence of trouble, growing like a snowball. So the main character enjoys life, raising seven children. The difficulties that have occurred change his outlook, are forced to be secretive, which ultimately leads to a depressed state. He could not mobilize in time, consult with his wife, internal contradictions lead to despair. Own indecision scares the head of the family, he is dissatisfied with his life, inability to make important decisions on his own. There is only one way out - suicide, but how to be a wife left overnight without a breadwinner, support. Now there are seven children on the shoulders of a fragile woman, but each member of the family continues to love his father and husband, justifying his deed.

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