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Favorites Life (2017)

Life (2017)
Year, country:
Daniel Espinosa
Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds
1h 44min
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Life (2017) Watch full movies online all free. In the not too distant future, mankind will achieve great progress and will be able to travel to different corners of the universe, carefully exploring it and all life. Heroes of the movie "Life" are some of those who travel through the galaxy and try to learn everything that happens around the planet. These people are trying to find out what is happening and find out which planets in the event of a catastrophe may prove to be suitable for human life. In their mission there is a lot of danger, because they risk their lives daily for the sake of the well-being of others. Each time landing on the next planet, the characters have no idea what they have to face. Without stopping to watch the movie "Live" online, it will be fascinating to learn that during its regular mission the team receives an order to go to the Red Planet and find out what strange movements there have been found. Upon arrival to the place, young people decide to stay for the night, and in the morning, everything is carefully inspected. It's dark now and visibility is quite low. Having agreed with the commander's decision, the group decides to follow the instructions. But in those minutes they could not imagine with themselves what kind of problem they would face this evening.
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