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Favorites Second Chance Christmas (2017)

Second Chance Christmas (2017)
Year, country:
Danny Buday
Katrina Begin, Tilky Jones, Charlene Tilton
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The usual American teenager Lawrence, the hero of the comedy melodrama "The Second Chance for Christmas Online", suddenly falls a heap of tests. And all on the eve of a beloved family holiday! Instead of cozy winter pleasures and unpacking gifts, the boy is forced to build relationships with a new stepfather. And he turns out to be a complex man, uncomplicated, not even trying to penetrate into the experiences of the young stepson. Stealth men, suspicions, and also jealousy in relation to mom do not allow Lawrence to unconditionally accept the "dad".

The heterogeneous troubles, which have not yet disturbed the lad, also stubbornly declare themselves. Lawrence is trying to deal with them alone, because you can’t hope to help the blinded love of mommy and the indifferent stepfather. But Christmas fuss is a magical time, when even the darkest thoughts are transformed and brighten, and people get kinder. Is there a place for mutual understanding in this fragmented family?

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