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Favorites Riphagen (2017)

Riphagen (2017)
Year, country:
Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, Kay Greidanus, Lisa Zweerman
2h 11min
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Before you project "Rifagen". The series is based on real events that bring viewers to the distant past. The plot focuses on the story of Andris Rifagen, well known in Europe. This man - a real crime boss, who during the Second World War led a dirty game. He was a typical informer, handing over Jewish organizations and families with a view to the subsequent appropriation of their property. Andris worked against resistance groups, trying to suppress the will of those who tried not to surrender to the last in the fight against the German army. All these people, according to Rifagen, interfered with his personal enrichment. Of course, we have a very sharp social drama telling about one of the most terrible features of that terrible war. Pressure on a certain nation, genocide, hatred and many other terrible events, deeds and emotions brought only pain to our world. Rifagen, as a man who took direct part in personal enrichment at the expense of military actions, was forced to flee and hide from law enforcement agencies after the war. What will be next? Is this tricky person will not be able to find?

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