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Favorites Run Like Hell (2014)

Run Like Hell (2014) SD
Run Like Hell (2014)
Year, country:
James Thomas
Dave Finn, Canyon Prince, Robyn Buck
1h 20min
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Simon Ballester, an intelligence agent in the past, comes to a small town to find the killer of his son, who worked in the police. For the last few years, Simon did not maintain any connection with his son, did not come, did not call him, did not take interest in life and affairs. But after learning about the brutal murder of the native person, Ballester simply can not just sit and wait for the guilty. He decides to severely punish the murderer. While conducting their own investigation, the former special agent becomes on the way with local gangsters and makes enemies in their person. But the strongest desire to avenge the death of a loved one and severely deal with the guilty makes from Ballester a ruthless and brutal machine capable of much to achieve this goal.
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