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Amistad (1997)
Year, country:
Steven Spielberg
Djimon Hounsou, Matthew McConaughey, Anthony Hopkins
2h 35min
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It is 1839, and the slave trade for world powers is a matter of habit. The slaves themselves, however, do not want to put up with their position, and after the Spanish ship La Amistad loads the next batch of slaves from Sierra Leone, brought to Cuba, they are released from shackles and seize the ship. Leaving several white alive, the slaves intend to return to their homeland, but their voyage does not end at the coast of Africa. Slaves, who drifted for six weeks near the Bermuda Triangle, go to the United States, where they are brought to trial as rebels. The Connecticut Court is in a deadlock when an incident with slaves causes a clash of interests of different countries and structures. Spain demands the return of its legally purchased slaves, the Coast Guard intends to receive compensation for the salvation of foreign property, the Secretary of State supports the claims of Spain, and the New York businessman insists that the slaves must be freed.