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Cyborg (1989)
Year, country:
Albert Pyun
Jean-Claude Van Damme, Deborah Richter, Vincent Klyn
1h 26min
The near future, the whole world in ruins. There is very little devastation, hunger and people. In addition, an unknown disease can completely destroy humanity. A small group of scientists in Atlanta has practically made a vaccine against this plague. In order to finish work on the drug, you need some components that are in New York. In order to get them there send a woman-cyborg, who is called Pearl Prophet. She manages to get the missing components, but she falls into the hands of cruel bandits.

The leader of the bandits understands the benefits that the possession of the vaccine can bring him, it is practically power over the whole world. He undertakes to carry Pearl to Atlanta, but this is not so simple, because various gangs of scumbags and mutants circle around. The action of the movie "Cyborg" tells how a conductor-swordplayer enters into a brutal battle with the gang, from whom the leader of the gang once killed his beloved woman. Cyborg has one goal: to get to Atlanta and pass on information to scientists. The whole film is a constant struggle, and the tension does not stop the end. Cyborg (1989) Watch full movies online free| FilmsCLUB.org
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