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Favorites Altitude (2010)

Altitude (2010) HD
Altitude (2010)
Year, country:
Kaare Andrews
Jessica Lowndes, Julianna Guill, Ryan Donowho
1h 30min
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A company of friends decides to ride a rented plane to have fun and make it to a concert in another city. In addition, Sarah has recently completed training in the pilot's specialty aircraft and now wants to climb to a certain height in order to feel how the plane behaves in extreme conditions. At the beginning of the flight, the heroes chat on different topics and play a trick on their friend, who, it turns out, has not completely left childhood and has taken comic books about a fantastic monster. Suddenly, there is a breakdown in the plane, and he begins to behave in a very strange way, then rising up, then falling abruptly. All this very much frightens the guys, and they beg the pilot girl to sort out the situation as quickly as possible, but she is still too inexperienced and can not understand the cause of the malfunction. Somehow, the heroes manage to regain control of the aircraft, and when they make an approximate calculation of time, they understand that for all indicators, they should have fallen for a long time already. However, their aircraft still continues to be in an unknown place. Heroes are ready to do anything to save themselves, and one of the girls decides to get out and with the help of insurance to fix the crash of the aircraft. But this is not the main problem. Soon it will be found out that something is hiding in the airspace, and it has long waited for its victims, fueled by their fear.
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