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The Price (2017) HD
The Price (2017)
Year, country:
Anthony Onah
Lucy Griffiths, Aml Ameen, Michael Hyatt
1h 31min
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He is an African American, an immigrant from Nigeria. Despite his youth, has already achieved some success in the field of finance. Many would consider him lucky, as he managed in a fairly short time after arriving in a country free and full of opportunities, to become a fairly financially independent person. After graduating from Harvard University brilliantly, he was able to work on Wall Street, where he ended up on a competitive basis. Good, promising work, some respect from colleagues and a romantic relationship with a white girl named Liz. She has a young man, but Shane likes her. A young woman is interested with him. He is such an attentive and pleasant conversationalist. He is well-versed in the business he deals with and even brings new ideas for managers about work. And everything seems to be good for him, there is everything about which one can only dream, but he feels some kind of inner dissatisfaction. Dreams and ambitions give birth to a young, promising professional person in a difficult and even dangerous way. Wanting to quickly "cut down the big grandmothers," he went against the system by breaking the law. Information trade is a matter of jurisdiction.

The case became complicated after troubles related to his professional activity fell on him, as if from a “cornucopia”. On top of that, relations with Liz have deteriorated due to racial differences. The house is also not very good. He lives in a rather modest Spartan-type house with his parents and sister. My father is also quite seriously ill, he hardly recovers from a stroke and wants to leave America for his historic homeland. All this led to the fact that a young man of 24 years, reached a state of extreme stress.

Disappointed in the world around him, the young man decided to help himself by starting to take narcotic pills. Well, what ended the mental torment of a young man, you can find out after watching.