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Cabin 28 (2017) HD
Cabin 28 (2017)
Year, country:
Andrew Jones
Terri Dwyer, Lee Bane, Derek Nelson
1h 23min
Full movie horror Cabin 28 (2017) online in ffilms.club
In the hope of distracting from the constant worries, problems and hassles, the family decides to go on a deserved vacation, to have fun among picturesque nature, endless landscapes and breathe the fresh air. Having thoroughly prepared and collected the necessary equipment, the mother removes a small cottage, near a beautiful forest, near the lake. Arriving at the place, the children were just happy from the trip, they made plans for the morning to go to the forest to pick berries, and then all together go to the lake and spend a wonderful day. However, their plans were not destined to come true, because their life was interrupted by a cruel and cruel fate.
Comfortably sitting down and fast asleep, the tourists were awakened by a sudden scream and strange sounds that were heard nearby from the neighboring cottage. At first, the woman thought that this was just an ordinary quarrel and a misunderstanding between family members, but later it became clear to her that it was not so. In their quiet and half-asleep house, a group of unknown people burst in. They began to abuse children cruelly, insult and humiliate a single mother, and to mock the family in every possible way. Their actions were terrible, and the motives for committing such a crime are unknown. Mother did not know how to help the kids and save them from the terrible fate. But she is ready for anything and will go to the end to save her own children's lives.
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