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Favorites Ghost Rider (2007)

Ghost Rider (2007) HD
Ghost Rider (2007)
Year, country:
Mark Steven Johnson
Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Sam Elliott
1h 54min
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He was a good stunt motorcyclist, he was envied by many, he did the most difficult tricks, and he always survived, even after complex injuries. His luck did not leave, but even close ones did not know the secret that lies behind success. Even in his youth, Johnny made a deal with an unknown person to save his father. The latter promised to save his father from lung cancer, and the guy, in turn, must give everything to the unknown for the whole soul. Father Johnny survived and recovered from the illness, but died the same day while performing the trick. By order of the unknown, who turns out to be the devil, Johnny forgets about his personal and devotes all the time to work.
  He becomes the most paid and famous biker stuntman, hoping that he owes his talent to success. When Johnny meets his former love for Roxanne, he expects that this is a sign of the right to be happy. After so many years, the Devil comes to him and reminds him of his duty. Now he has two guises - in the afternoon he remains Johnny, and at night becomes a driver on a fiery motorcycle, who hunts for Blackhart - the son of the Devil and his companions - fallen angels.
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