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Favorites Ex Machina (2014)

Ex Machina (2014)
Year, country:
Alex Garland
Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac
1h 48min
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Scientists day after day are working on new discoveries. And gradually, when the machine will be able to completely replace a person, the line between people and robots will be erased forever. And at the same time, the border between God and man will also be destroyed. This is exactly what the film "Ex Machina (2014)" tells about. At the center of events is a young man who, in addition, is very talented in programming. His name is Caleb and he was lucky enough to receive an invitation to Naiten's house. For a week he can live in the house of the most outstanding robotics in the world. In addition, he had a unique chance and Caleb will be able to take part in the testing of the world's first creature endowed with artificial intelligence. In appearance it is the most ordinary woman and, at first sight, does not differ from a person. But in fact it is a real robot, inside which instead of blood current flows, and all processes handle something similar to the "electronic brain". This model has its name - Ava. When Caleb traveled to this place, he was very much encouraged by the fact that he had such an honor and was ready to assist Natein in everything. KinoGB.club. But now that he could see how strong this robot is like a man, he is no longer sure whether he will be able to conduct any experiments on Ava. And now, the first of the seven allotted days has come and Caleb starts testing the most perfect robot on the ground. The first experiments were the simplest, but he was so carried away, watching the work of Ava, that he even completely forgot that this is not a man at all. Without knowing it, he begins to see in this android the most real woman, which, moreover, is very attractive. Neyton is a brilliant scientist, and he was an idol for Caleb since childhood, however, despite his devotion, the creator of Ava decided to hide from the boy the fact that he is just a prototype, and after it passes the final testing, it needs will destroy. Ava is only needed to test the program and identify all the errors and shortcomings. But this prototype was too good, because it has even its own feelings and a thirst for life. At the same time, the fear of death or the desire to live with her is so strong that she will do anything to prevent the inevitable. In addition, Caleb, who is clearly not indifferent to the android woman, is ready to help her.
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