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Favorites The Beyond (2017)

The Beyond (2017) HD
The Beyond (2017)
Year, country:
Hasraf Dulull
David Bailie, Jane Perry, Brian Deacon
1h 43min
Molly Watts is a pretty happy mother and beloved wife, who is an excellent hostess and valuable specialist in a very unusual and non-female profession. Thanks to their technical knowledge and good health, Molly is an incredible opportunity to become a major member of a scientific expedition to outer space. Without losing or losing such a chance, Watts, for a whole year, goes to the station to conduct scientific experiments and tests. And then, on completion, this scientific flight of Molly returns to the usual way of life, because her beloved husband John and his grown-up son Ethan are waiting for her at home. After the return of Molly Watts, the life of this family again becomes quite ordinary and banal: going to church on Sundays, cherry pie in the morning and classes with a young son. Each new day alienated the main character from her thoughts about work, now everything is as she dreamed - a working husband and she, who is busy with a child. But everything changes overnight, when Molly finds out that she, having spent a whole year in space, is in a rather "interesting position" and the term of her unborn child is already two months .. How to prove to her husband that during the flight Molly was true to him and her conscience is completely clear? But most importantly, how could it happen that the main character got pregnant after spending a whole year in space and who is she wearing?
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