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Favorites American Anarchist (2016)

American Anarchist (2016)
Year, country:
Charlie Siskel
harlie Siskel
1h 20min
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The ideas of freedom and brotherhood have been popular since ancient times. Many people fanatically believed in them, although by and large all this is a real utopia. Always there were idealists who were ready for everything for the sake of bright, bright dreams. The teaching of anarchism occupies a special place in the modern world. His followers believed that all evil comes from the state, which must be destroyed. Then on its wreckage a free society of equal people should be built.
Such teaching, as described in the movie "American Anarchist," was widely spread in the emergence of the youth movement of the hippies in the late 60s of the last century. Nineteen-year-old William Powell sincerely hated the capitalist society, which he considered deceitful and hypocritical. He wrote a pamphlet entitled The Anarchist's Cookbook. There were pretty clever advice on explosive substances, creating weapons of all types and much more. When Powell grew up, he realized the fallibility of his views. Unfortunately the book has become a bestseller for all sorts of terrorists.