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Favorites Cry Now (2014)

Cry Now (2014) SD, HD
Cry Now (2014)
Year, country:
Alberto Barboza
Mina Olivera, Iliana Carter, Miguel Angel Caballero,
87 min
Meeting different people can change the whole of their lives. Each of the heroes had their own hobbies and inclinations. Vincent earned on bread, making sketches of passers-by on the street. He had a nice girl named Sophia. To some extent, Vincent had a settled, measured life. Luzi worked as a tattoo artist. She had many clients, and a policeman took care of her. He made Luzi gifts in the form of expensive trinkets and ornaments, offering the girl to marry him.

As described in the film "Rampage Now", there was a meeting between Vincent and Luzi. They instantly realized that they were literally created for each other. But in love life is not so simple. All against them. Sophia is simply torn with anger and resentment. She finds Lucy and suits her a scene of jealousy. When this does not help, Sofia tries to substitute her former lover. The policeman also does not like it very much and he fights with Vincent. Despite the problems, the artist's career goes up. Several of his paintings were bought and some glory came to him. But money, as everyone knows, does not solve everything. Watch free movie romance Cry Now (2014) online in FilmsCLUB.org.
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