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Unspeakable (2017)
Year, country:
David Nath
Indira Varma, Luke Treadaway, Kate Ashfield
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Long time heroine Unspeakable (2017) lived alone. The representative of the fair sex after a difficult divorce with her husband decided not to look for a man anymore and live happily with her daughter. Since that time, about 10 years have passed. A lonely mother dedicates her care and warmth to a teenage girl. Mother tries to replace her father, but understands that without the help of a man can not do. The heroine manages to find a man worthy of being loved by her. Stormy romance ends with a wedding. On next weekend a happy family goes to an amusement park, where they have a great time. Continuing to watch the film There are no words, you can find out that happiness changes to the alarm after the heroine receives a strange SMS message. An unknown person, who decided not to reveal herself, informs that an innocent stepfather intends to take advantage of the cleanliness of the stepdaughter and his strange looks towards the girl frighten others. At first, the woman decided that there was no point in paying attention to such words. Anxiety for the life of the child forces her to look at the behavior of the other half. The woman's fears begin to increase and, as a result, marriage is threatened by a split.