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Favorites Death Note (2017)

Death Note (2017)
Year, country:
Adam Wingard
Nat Wolff, Lakeith Stanfield, Margaret Qualley
1h 41min
   Light Turner is an ordinary young man, a college student living in Seattle. Turner's life was the most usual. He does not have so many friends, there is no mass attention from the girls. Light lives quite modestly and usually. And sometimes he even has to face the enemies. Many guys are considered a "gray mouse", so they make fun of him, knowing that this guy can not do anything in response. One day Turner stumbles on a notebook while walking alone. After reading the information in it, Light realizes that this is not just a paper - but a real weapon for murder. The Japanese demon himself threw the notebook on Earth specifically so that someone could find it and use it. The task of this magical artifact is simple - if someone enters the name of a person in the notebook, then the person with this name will instantly die a mysterious death. Moreover, if the owner of the notebook wants a person to die a certain death at the exact time, he can also prescribe such details. Turner did not seem this notebook frightening, he had no thought to get rid of such a thing as soon as possible. On the contrary, Light decided that with the help of an artifact, he could make the world, society, much safer and "clean". The main character began to write in the notebook name of potential killers, criminals, small intruders who somehow did evil in society. In the near future, the FBI is interested in mysterious murders. Since this is the first phenomenon in the world, when criminals begin to die in large numbers. A certain sleuth under the name of L. Decides to understand what is really happening. The detective does not know about the existence of the demon's artifact, but it is quite obvious that the devil's force is involved in these murders. The protagonist is fully confident in his safety. After all, with his own hands, he does not kill anyone. But at the same time, Light is not aware of the fact that he is the killer, although he does not kill people with his own hands. Watch drama Death Note (2017) full movie online free in HD and 1080p|-
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