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Favorites Atlantic City (1980)

Atlantic City (1980)
Year, country:
Louis Malle
Burt Lancaster, Susan Sarandon, Kate Reid
1h 44min
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Lou is a former gangster who, according to him, had once dealt with Al Capone himself. Now he quietly lives his days in Atlantic City - the second center of gambling. His life is dull and monotonous, and only memories of the past and spying on the young woman Sally adorn her a little. But one day, after meeting Dave, Sally's ex-husband, everything changes. A man pursued by drug dealers, whom he brazenly robbed. Dave has no other choice but to hide the goods in Lou's apartment, after which the former gangster turns from a poor old man into a very wealthy man. However, unexpectedly fallen wealth brings with it many problems that will not be easy to overcome ...