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The Doll (2017)
Year, country:
Susannah O'Brien
Ron Jeremy, Mindy Robinson, Anthony Del Negro
1h 21min
Smart heads very often their talent and skill cast on various inventions, which do not always bring joy to people. Very many scientists begin to create different kinds of robots, endowing them with human reason. One of these inventions was created by one mad doctor. This great doctor has his own laboratory, of which no one knows anything, here he conducts his laboratory experiments and studies. Once he managed to create a charming girl with a doll-like appearance, somewhat resembling a Barbie doll.
The main characters of the fantasy thriller Doll online are a young man named Andy. the guy rented an apartment with his girlfriend Shannon and an unemployed friend named Chris. Chris does not work anywhere, only he knows that he drives all girls into the house, not disdaining even women of easy virtue. One day Chris invites Andy to the pool, where he is going to have fun with the girls. And by chance Shannon comes here, and, seeing his friend in the company of two half-naked girls, decides to part with him. After Shannon moves to another apartment, the guys begin to make plans how to return a friend. Friends invite on the Internet a Russian model from the escort agency. But Natasha was not just a beautiful girl, but a very terrible and dangerous surprise.
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