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Nails (2017)
Year, country:
Dennis Bartok
Shauna Macdonald, Steve Wall, Leah McNamara
1h 24min
Sportswoman Dana Milgrom comes to herself in the hospital room of the Hopewell clinic. Doctors help a woman remember the events of the previous day: the car turned over on the track and the lost consciousness of the rider barely managed to get out of the burning debris. After a terrible trauma, she is waiting for a long period of rehabilitation, and while paralyzed Dana, living on the breathing apparatus, you need treatment and complete rest.
But when the patient, unable to speak, tries to hint the medical staff and visiting relatives that an unfriendly spirit has settled in the room, Niles is getting closer to the immobilized victim, they just wave off - the meddled medicine seems to reason and not the same. And no one remembers that a quarter of a century ago the hospital was notorious, as a place where one after another, in mysterious circumstances, several children were killed.
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