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Favorites The Lovers (2013)

The Lovers (2013)
Year, country:
Roland Joffé
Josh Hartnett, Bipasha Basu, Tamsin Egerton
1h 49min
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The film's events take place on one of the Barrier Reefs, where beloved Jay and his wife are exploring a merchant ship of the 18th century that sank under mysterious circumstances. Both archaeologists and research of various historical details bring them a lot of pleasures. Josh goes to the bottom in an attempt to find something interesting. But when he is in place, a strong storm begins on the surface, as a result of which he tries to save his wife, but he gets a very serious wound, which results in the guy falling into a coma. But this is not an ordinary coma. In his subconscious guy carried over many years ago to India in 1778. He transcends all boundaries of reality and now finds himself in the body of one British officer Stuart. In FilmsCLUB.org you can watch online movies in HD, watch free movies, watch full movie online free. The hero begins to live a completely new life for him, the owner of which is passionately in love with one wonderful girl in the beautiful warrior Tulaju. Now life takes on new colors for him, and it acquires a different meaning. After all, here he becomes a completely different person, who will lead a lot of people. Now his fate is very dangerous and full of many interesting adventures. But does the actor sacrifice his previous life, leave his wife and stay in this other world? What choice will he make and what awaits him further? All this you can learn by looking at the incredible interesting drama "Out of Time", which will show the amazing story of the journey of the protagonist through temporary layers, and his amazing new life with completely new people who have become for him as close as in his previous life. The Lovers (2013) watch full movie online free in FilmsCLUB.org.
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